New Buddhist Books
for Children

By Instilling Goodness Books

New Buddhist Books for Children

Instilling Goodness Books (IGB) offers beautifully illustrated and simply told stories taken from sacred Buddhist literature, delighting young readers, both Buddhist and non-Buddhist. The books contain lessons that nurture positive qualities such compassion, loving-kindness, generosity, courage, gratitude to parents, the joys of good friendship, kindness to animals and respect for the earth. 

The growing collection includes a series that touches on the wisdom, compassion, and kindness of the Bodhisattvas, introducing children to the concept of enlightenment in their daily lives. The exquisite drawings and stunning colors with flowing language make these books ones that will be cherished by both children and adults alike.  Here are some new Buddhist books for you and your child to explore.

Prince Siddhartha and the Bully

This is a beloved story about the early life of the Buddha as Prince Siddhartha and his quest for true friendship. Faced with envy from his cousin, Devadatta, who sought to foil all his efforts in archery and horse racing, Siddhartha used the strength of compassion and non-violence to cope with the bullying. The story's pivotal moment is when Siddhartha is confronted with a difficult decision to prioritize his friendship with Devadatta or the life of the swan. Eloquent language and breathtaking illustrations encourage empathy and understanding for both the bully and the bullied, inspiring readers to seek friendship in challenging situations.

Wu Mo's Day - Life in a Buddhist Monastery

Join Wu Mo, a young monk, on a captivating adventure that reveals the wonders of Buddhist monks and nuns. From picking apples to making friends with a turtle, Wu Mo's day is filled with serenity and purpose. Through beautiful, Zen-like illustrations and simple moments of meditation by the river, you'll discover the joy of finding peace in nature. Alongside Wu Mo, learn practical tips for inner peace and mindfulness to apply in your own life. Get ready for a journey of self-discovery and the wisdom of Buddhism that will inspire and uplift you.


Dharma Bells: Buddhist Coloring Book

A charming coloring book filled with whimsical drawings of children and their animal friends discovering and exploring a variety of Buddhist symbols. From the iconic Bodhi tree to the Buddha's footprint and prayer flags, each symbol is accompanied by simple explanations that invite a deeper connection with them. Children can get lost in the lighthearted illustrations and let their imaginations soar as they color and learn about the symbols’ meanings.


Amitabha's Happy Land

Amitabha s Happy Land is a retelling of the Amitabha Sutra for children that will warm the hearts of readers of all ages. Amitabha is the Buddha of wisdom and compassion. He helps us to live a happy life and to die in peace. The beautiful illustrations in the book take you on a journey through Amitabha s Happy Land with jeweled trees and magnificent birds that sing Amitabha. He made a vow that whoever wishes to be enlightened need only recite his name to be reborn there. In this book, children learn how to recite Amitabha s name and plant a seed for a happy rebirth in the Pure Land. The ancient custom of reciting Amitabha s name carries a message of living life joyfully and accepting death as a natural part of life. With simple words and stunning artwork, this is a book to come back to time and time again.

Kindness for Animals &
Respect for the Earth series

This series is a retelling of traditional Buddhist Jataka tales, each recounting a different past life of the Buddha, as an animal. The stories inspire children to make a life-long commitment to caring for the planet and being kind to animals.

Come Back, O Tiger!

Retold by Bhikshuni Jin Rou
Iillustrated by Christy Whitworth

This book introduces the interdependency of all beings.
“Look at the mess that tiger’s making,” said the foolish tree spirit. “The air is no longer fresh and clean. I’m getting rid of that beast!”“Please don’t!” cried the wise tree spirit. “The life of the forest depends on the tiger.”

Rich illustrations breathe life into the retelling of this Jataka tale, in which the Buddha appears as a wise tree spirit to teach that every being is a living part of the earth and has it place in nature. Included are activities to help children connect with nature and lessen their carbon imprint.
For ages 5-8

The Giant Turtle

Retold by Bhikshuni Jin Rou
Illustrated by Candie

One day a child wandered on a mountain, picking wild flowers. She didn’t know she was walking on a giant turtle’s back. The turtle had slept for so long that he looked like a mountain. People built houses, made fires and planted crops on his back.

Awakened by the pain of the fires burning his shell, the turtle began to crawl back to the sea, but when he saw people living on his back, he changed his mind. Learn how the turtle solved the problem and save the lives of the people and himself.

For ages 5-8


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