Six New Buddhist Books for Children

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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide buddhist books, materials, and information to open the
hearts and minds of children to their full potential through art and story in languages from around the world. 


Discovery through Books

We believe that the teachings of Buddha contain all the tools children need to solve many of the challenges that confront them every day. Through our beautifully illustrated books, children learn about the key tenets of Buddhism in an accessible and engaging way.

We invite you to browse the Buddhism for Kids’ selection of books on kindness and Buddhism:

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Snow Covered Peaks
What Are Bodhisattvas Like?

Retold from The Land of Bliss
By Bhikshuni Jin Rou
Illustrations by Shramanerika Gwo He

An inspiring book for children to connect with their kind and caring nature. Beautiful artwork is combined with simple text, introducing children to the most significant values of Buddhism, such as kindness, giving and courage. Meet a Bodhisattva on each page and learn what’s special about him or her. At the end is a message of how children can bring peace in the world by being a Bodhisattva too.   [Click for more info]

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