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Told in lyrical prose and beautifully illustrated, this book pulls from actual events in the early life of the Buddha as Prince Siddhartha. The author relates what it was like for Siddhartha when he was bullied by his favorite cousin, Devadatta, and his search for understanding true friendship.

This book is helpful for teaching children about empathy, feelings, kindness, compassion, and how to address bullying behavior.

Moonbeam bronze medal  award winner of 2023!

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This is a story about the power of compassion and non-violence in coping with bullying. In Prince Siddhartha’s eyes, every living thing has feelings and a right to live and should be treated with respect. When troubled, he goes to nature and listens to his heart. When he stands up for himself and lets go, his compassion deepens.

Later, when Prince Siddhartha became awakened as a Buddha, Devadatta became even more jealous and tried many times to kill him. But the Buddha thought of Devadatta as a good friend, because he challenged him to conquer his fear and to reach the highest good. He said:

“The fact that I have attained awakening
is all due to Devadatta, who was a good friend.”
--The Lotus Sutra   


Author & Illustrator

Dana Green is the pen name for the author who is a Buddhist nun. Dana is Sanskrit for “giving” and Green refers to a green earth. Dana is a Buddhist educator dedicated to writing books that teach children how to connect to their spiritual nature. Her latest books are: Giant Turtle’s Long Nap, Dharma Bells, and Wu Mo’s Day, life in a Buddhist monastery. She lives at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, a Buddhist monastery in California, where she works on the translation of ancient Buddhist texts into English. She enjoys growing herbs and creating pollinator gardens.

Chamisa Kellogg is an illustrator for children’s books, brands, games and animation. Her lush and textural illustration style provides notes of nostalgia, whimsy, and dreaminess with a fresh playful twist. She enjoys making work that celebrates compassion, hope, and connection. She lives in Portland. 

Book Info

Juvenile fiction
ISBN 978-1-64217-062-7
Hardcover l 32pages l $10.95
Full color illustrations
Age level: 5-8 years
Publication date: March, 2022
Publisher: Instilling Goodness Books, an imprint of Buddhist Text Translation Society

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